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The book’s about a brother and sister tag team, and their names are Zeke and Kate Torvik – one undead and the other crazed and vengeful!

Think of the book as if “Jason Voorhees” teams up with “Harley Quinn“, as the two of them go on a vengeful, torturous killing spree throughout the 1980s’ Southwestern Route 66 United States.  BACK IT ON INDIEGOGO!


It’s 1983 and Zeke Torvik is popular with the ladies, a real alpha with the guys. When he walks into a bar, people look up and take notice, and when he opens his mouth to say something, they listen. He walks with a rare swagger, drawing all of the attention his way wherever he goes. This works out well for him, as you may presume it would, until he runs into trouble. Some guys out on Route 66, it turns out, are not very friendly when they come across someone as cool, calm, and collected as Zeke always is.

Traveling in the desert, Zeke plans on hitting up a party. He intends to meet up with his sister, Kate, a reunion of sorts, but before he can even feel relax enough to enjoy her company and the party, a biker gang crashes in and stirs up a ruckus. It’s chaos. Zeke won’t stand for it, stepping in to protect his sister, and just as he does, half of the bikers jump him, beating up on him, stabbing & cutting him, and then finally slitting his throat. He dies – something that would be the end for most people, but not for Zeke, not out here on Route 66.

Heartbroken but refusing to give up on her brother, Zeke’s sister refuses to give up on him. She suffers a nervous breakdown and decides that no matter what it takes, she is going to bring her brother back. The problem is, it’s going to take a lot. She figures out how to resurrect him, but it’s far from ideal: to walk again, he needs to become a zombie demon.

Now, it’s 1985 and Zeke is bent on revenge. He is hungry for justice – and a little bit of blood. The biker gang thinks they have seen the last of him, but they couldn’t be any more incorrect.

Cover to my horror graphic novel
This is the alt cover to my horror graphic novel